Oshawa Generals Prospects Report

Oshawa Generals Logo1. Barrett Mundell (G) – Mississauga Reps Midget “AAA” (GTHL) – March.8.1999 – 6’2, 190 – Caledon, Ontario
Statistics Unavailable

A bid bodied, athletic, butterfly style goaltender, Barrett Mundell possesses intriguing upside on top of a strong technical foundation. Mundell is a strong positional goaltender who takes up a lot of net, shows strong lateral movements and impressive lower body strength, which is on full display on his post to post movements. A goaltender who displays excellent poise between the pipes, Mundell displays excellent rebound control which ultimately limits second chance opportunities and keeps him under control in the net. Mundell gets to the top of his crease and challenges shooters, plays his angles well and displays intriguing athleticism. One of the most intriguing young goaltenders outside of the OHL, Mundell will undoubtedly push for a roster spot in Oshawa next season as he has been dominate with a middle of the pack Mississauga Reps Midget “AAA” club. Boasting an ability to steal games for his team, Mundell could ultimately be a steal for the Generals, who selected him in the 11th round of the 2015 draft.

2015 – 11th Round – 220th Overall

2. Matt Stoia (D) – Compuware U16 (HPHL U16) – March.24.1999 – 6’2, 178 – Northville, Michigan

20 GP – 6 G – 8 A – 14 PTS – 40 PIM

A rangy two-way defender with good mobility, Matt Stoia possesses intriguing upside. Offensively speaking Stoia shows adequate puck skills along with deceptively good vision and playmaking skills that allow him to generate offense from the back end. A player who likes to inject himself into the offensive attack, Stoia has been given ample power play time thus far this season with Compuware’s U-16 Team. Stoia engages physically and plays with tenaciousness and an edge to his game. A player who has begun to handle the forecheck much better and make stronger decisions under pressure, Stoia has began to show a patience in possession that has allowed him to limit his turnovers and enhance his overall effectiveness. Stoia shows some puck carrying capabilities and displays an ability to shield the puck with effectiveness when exiting the zone. While an effective defender, Stoia can get caught flat footed or puck watching in his own zone, however he has improved his consistency level throughout this season. With an active and effective stick and improving contain Stoia boasts intriguing two-way upside and should push for a roster spot next season.

2015 – 12th Round – 240th Overall

3. Jaimen Allison (D) – Mississauga Chargers (OJHL) – November.1.1999 – 6’3, 205 – London, Ontario
42 GP – 0 G – 2 A – 2 PTS – 100 PIM

A physical defensive defenseman by every sense of the term, Jaimen Allison is a hulking, gritty defensemen that makes life tough on his opponents. While Allison’s game is still a work in progress, he does show intriguing shutdown capabilities as the towering defender possesses a large wingspan along with an active and effective stick and a willingness to engage physically. Allison uses his lengthy reach and wide wingspan along with impressive closing speed to provide strong contain in his own zone. However Allison can get caught puck watching at times and needs to show more consistent awareness in his own zone. Allison is an imposing crease clearer, intimidating opponents with his aggressive physical play, letting opponents know ice won’t be gained easy when he’s on the ice. In possession Allison lacks ideal puck skills, as he displays stiff hands, however he knows his role and plays within himself and rarely holds on to the puck for to long, instead moving the puck quickly and efficiently to the most efficient outlet. At times that can lead to turnovers as Allison does need to be more patient in possession however that aspect of his game has improved throughout the season. In transition Allison shows good gap control and can contain, forcing the opponent to low percentage areas of the ice before eliminating the offensive threat. While Allison does boast intriguing physical attributes and is a a defensive zone presence, his foot speed and overall mobility has been exposed at times this season which raises some concern as the OHL game provides and even faster pace of play.

2015 – 6th Round – 104th Overall

4.Jason Pineo (C) – North York Rangers Midget “AAA” (GTHL) – February.23.1999 – 6’1, 165 – Toronto, Ontario
Statistics Unavailable

Pineo is speedy two-way winger with an intriguing offensive skill set who displays reliable defensive zone play. Possessing an explosive first step, Pineo displays a long and powerful stride that allows him to generate elite straight line speed. When combined with his powerful edges and impressive change of pace/direction abilities, Pineo displays an ability to be fairly shifty and elusive in possession. A forward who displays an excellent compete level Pineo is tenacious in puck pursuit, taking direct routes to pucks while also showing an aggressiveness on the forecheck. While Pineo doesn’t engage physically as much as you may like, he does force turnovers due to his tenaciousness and speed. In possession Pineo shows intriguing puck skills including strong puck control, quick hands and intriguing puck protections skills that are on full display as he drives the net off the rush with an authority. Pineo also displays deceptively strong vision and playmaking skills along with a patience and poise in possession as he doesn’t force plays. With an impressive shot that comes off a quick release and shows good accuracy, Pineo’s offensive skill is right on pace with his high end work ethic. The two-way winger also shows an excellent work ethic on the back check and strong defensive zone awareness. With a high hockey IQ and an impressive skill set Pineo should challenge for a roster spot in Oshawa next season.

2014 – 10th Round – 196th Overall

5. Luke Keenan (C) – Whitby Fury (OJHL) – July.22.1998 – 6’1, 181 – Courtice, Ontario
38 GP – 20 G – 16 A – 36 PTS – 26 PIM

Luke Keenan is a highly intelligent, two-way centre with a strong work ethic and intriguing amount of skill. Keenan plays the game with excellent pace, showing strengths both in possession and away from the puck. A player who’s Hockey IQ is elite, Keenan uses his on ice awareness and anticipation abilities to be highly effective on both sides of the puck. A player who does lack an explosive first step, Keenan displays a long and powerful stride that allows him to generate above average speed and get around the ice with the utmost effectiveness, which in turn makes of for the lack of explosiveness in his first step. Once he gets going Keenan is tough to contain as he shows a willingness to drive the net off the rush, displaying intriguing puck protections skills along with deceptively quick hands and strong puck control. A player who gets to the gritty areas of the ice and thrives, Keenan works the half boards and cycle extremely well, yet again using his strong puck protection skills and hockey sense to create offensively. Keenan boasts a deceptively good shot, while it may lack velocity, it does possesses strong accuracy. By know means a shoot first forward, Keenan also displays impressive vision and playmaking skills. In his own zone Keenan has shutdown forward capabilities, clogging shooting and passing lanes effectively, anticipating the play with effectiveness while displaying strong positional play. Tenacious in puck pursuit, Keenan takes direct routes to pucks, engages physically and shows an aggressiveness on the forecheck. With high end two-way capabilities, Keenan would undoubtedly crack the Generals roster, however his commitment to Princeton University where he is set to play both Hockey & Lacrosses is currently the deterrent in regards to his desire to play in the OHL.

2014 – 5th Round – 93rd Overall

6. Keegan Ferguson (D) – Port Hope Panthers (EBJCHL) – February.20.1999 – 6’0, 180 – Grafton, Ontario

36 GP – 2 G – 8 A – 10 PTS – 29 PIM

A mobile, defensive defensemen with intriguing potential as a two-way defender, Keegan Ferguson not only boasts an impressive skill set but strong physical attributes as well. Ferguson displays excellent strength which is most noticeable in his defensive zone play where he shows an ability to clear the front of the net and separate player from puck with relative ease. A player with with strong on ice awareness, Ferguson thinks the game well and displays strong positional play in his own zone. With an active and effective stick and a willingess to engage physically, Ferguson also shows impressive contain in his own zone which when combined with the aformentioned attributes allow him to thrive in his own zone. Ferguson also displays impressive mobility and strong foot speed which not only helps him in his own zone, but allows him to transition up ice well and inject himself into the offensive attack appropriately. Ferguson brings a level of consistency to the ice, playing a simple but effective game, the sturdy defensemen shows an excellent compete and intriguing upside.

2015 – 8th Round – 153rd Overall

7. Brock Welsh (C) – Whitby Fury (OJHL) – April.9.1998 – 5’11, 154 – Barrie, Ontario
25 GP – 6 G – 14 A – 20 PTS – 8 PIM

Brock Welsh is a two-way forward with intriguing playmaking abilities, blessed with impressive hockey sense and deceptively good speed. While Welsh is not the most explosive skater, he does generate good speed through the neutral zone, which allows him to become tough to contain off the rush. With that being said Welsh does display quick feet and good mobility, however his awkward stride is somewhat of a deterrent as he is unable to muster separation speed. Offensively speaking Welsh is good both in possession and away from the puck as in possession he shows deceptively good vision and playmaking skills along with underrated puck control and quick hands. Away from the puck Welsh is strong positionally, supports the puck well and is always on the right side of the puck in position to make a play. With an ability to find soft spots in defensive zone coverage’s Welsh shows an ability to finish when called upon, however his strength is as a playmaker. A player who gives an excellent effort on both sides of the puck, Welsh is both competitive and smart which allow him to impact the game on the defensive side of the puck as he gets his body and stick in the shooting/passing lanes. While Welsh may not boast a high end skill set he does show intrigue as a bottom six forward who has already seen a small amount of OHL action.

2014 – 15th Round – 296th Overall

8. Dawson Shackelton (D) – Elmira Sugar Kings (GOJHL) – February.20.1998 – 5’11, 170 – Stony Creek, Ontario
28 GP – 2 G – 2 A – 4 PTS – 30 PIM

Dawson Shackelton is a physical, stay at home defender with intriguing hockey sense and deceptively good mobility. A player who keeps his game simple, Shackelton shows poise in possession, making simple but strong decisions with the puck, which in turn limit his turnovers and increase his effectiveness. Shackelton displays quick feet and sound mobility as he is a deceptively strong skater. A defender who works his edges well and pivots with fluidity, Shackelton’s skating ability allows him to show impressive contain both off the rush and in his own zone. A player who shows a willingness to engage physically, clear the front of the net and get in the shooting/passing lanes, Shackelton also uses his stick actively and effectively. While his puck skills are by no means elite, he does possesses adequate puck skills that allow him to make the necessary plays to be successful in his role. Shackelton displays limited offensive creativity, however he does make an effective first pass and transitions up ice well. With effective gap control off the rush and a ruggedness to his game, Dawson Shackelton may not be an eye-opening top pairing defender, but he does project to be a solid bottom pairing stay-at-home defender who will do the little and gritty things to win.

2014 – 8th Round – 156th Overall

9. Brett Murray (LW) – Carleton Place Canadiens (CCHL) – July.20.1998 – 6’4, 196 – Bolton, Ontario
45 GP – 14 G – 30 A – 44 PTS – 14 PIM

Brett Murray is a hulking, two-way forward in the mold of your prototypical power forward. Murray boasts an intriguing and versatile skill set as he combines strog hockey sense with impressive physical attributes and a high end skill set. While he is still growing into his frame and considered to be a raw prospect as far as NHL potential goes, Murray is an elite talent at the Tier 2 Junior A level, producing at just under a point per game pace. Murray’s skating can be questionable at times as he lacks an explosiveness in his first step and can display a somewhat choppy stride at times, with that being said he does muster up good to above average straight line speed once he gets going, which in turn makes him tough to contain off the rush. Murray boasts an ability to find soft spots in defensive zone coverage’s and has a nose for the net, however his strength is as an offensive creator as he displays impressive vision and playmaking skills. While he does use his size to his advantage and engage physically at times, it does come with inconsistencies as he can play smaller than his 6’4, 200 pound frame. With an ability to create offensively, strong hockey sense and appealing physical attributes, there’s no question Brett Murray would be an impactful OHL player, however his commitment to Penn State University is the reason he’s currently skating in the CCHL.

2014 – 12th Round Pick – 236th Overall

10. Joseph Woll (G) – U.S. National Under 18 Team (USDP) – July.12.1998 – 6’3, 196 – Dardenne Prairie, Missouri
19 GP – 2.11 GAA – 0.921 Save %

If not for his commitment to Boston College, Joseph Woll would undoubtedly be the Generals Top Prospect. A goaltender who not only boasts intriguing physical attributes, Joseph Woll possesses a high end skill set. A strong positional goaltender, Woll displays excellent upper and lower body reflexes, moves laterally with exceptional fluidity and stays under control. A goaltender who takes up a lot of net, Woll squares up shooters well and plays his angles with effectiveness. Woll shows excellent rebound control, tracks the puck extremely well, fighting through screens while battling traffic. Blessed with an excellent work ethic and strong compete, Woll is consistent as the come at the “Junior” Level. Woll displays excellent athleticism in the goal and displays and elite glove hand that when combined with his aforementioned skill set makes him near impossible to beat clean.

2014 – 9th Round – 176th Overall

NCAA Commitments
Matthieu Franche (D) – Cumberland Grads (CCHL) – Committed to Merrimack College for the 2018-2019 Season
Luke Keenan (C) – Whitby Fury (OJHL) – Committed to Princeton University for the 2017-2018 Season
Joseph Woll (G) – U.S. National Under 18 Team (USDP) – Committed to Boston College for the 2016-2017 Season
Brett Murray (LW) – Carleton Place Canadiens (CCHL) – Committed to Penn State University for the 2017-2018 Season
Ian Johnston (LW) – Brockville Braves (CCHL) – Committed to Lake Superior State University for the 2016-2017 Season
Patrick Grasso (C) – Des Moines Buccaneers (USHL) – Committed to New Hampshire University for the 2016-2017 Season
Joseph Cecconi (D) – University of Michigan (NCAA)

Written By: Mike Mackley (@Macker61)
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